Tuesday, January 4, 2011

strangers in my bedroom.

i am kind of in love with kate spade's bedroom, specifically this great art piece of a dude with a giant yeller dot on his face. like maybe he's rocking a fierce 'come hither' look deemed TOO SEXY by andy spade, aka brother of david spade. did y'all know kate spade is married to david spade's brother? yeah. me neither. while i'm at it, did y'all know kate spade grew up in kansas city? and attended the university of kansas, making her a jayhawk. i had no idea we were midwestern homies. BEAK 'EM, HAWKS.
{kate spade's bedroom, photographed by eric morin for world of interiors, december 2006}


Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Love this room, love this post -- and didn't know the Spades were brothers ;)
Cheers and here's to a happy new year.


kristina said...

good cheer for 2K11 right backatcha, alcira!

can you imagine being seated at ma and pa spade's family dinner? not sure i can imagine two people with less in common than joe dirt and kate of the prim satchels. i'd love to see it.