Thursday, February 3, 2011

eva and salvatore.

i wore some boots to market* a few weeks ago, and a lady stopped me because she really liked them, and before she walked away, she looked me right in the eye and said COVETCOVETCOVET. three times, really fast. it was strange. but now i have a new word to use all the time, and it's pretty much how i've felt about this salvatore ferragamo dress from the resort 2011 collection, which i saw on eva mendes in the WHAT WAS SHE THINKING section of us weekly. are you blind, us weekly? was it a slow news week? because stripes is hot and this dress is awesome. were i its owner, i would have to spend a lot of dollars on spray tans, because i would wear it All. The. Time. covet covet covet.
*maybe i will get around to posting about market soon. i'm not really that punctual.

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