Tuesday, March 22, 2011

rue: the day (not really).

rue | march & april 2011 just just launched, and i don't know about y'all, but i am obsessed with the feature on chicago blogger bailey mccarthy's home. not just because she is from houston and now living in chicago, and i lived in chi-town but now call space city home... it's because this gal is after my heart. first of all, pretty much every surface is wallpapered. dos, she's created a healthy balance of print, color and hilarity. although i do have a framed photograph of john wayne in our guest room, i know we are seriously lacking on the life-sized sheep sculptures around here. i love the painting over the window in the bathroom, i love the smoking cat over the bed, i love the eames and the adler and the vuitton that must have cost a grip. i want all of my sofas to be rich velvety bitches and I WILL STEAL THOSE GUN CHAIRS. anyone who can tell me where to get them gets a bottle of goldschl├Ąger and two novelty shot glasses. if this house isn't enough and you want to feel further horrible about how not crafty you are, go ahead and look at this super easy DIY.


B to the Rad said...

I'm trying to figure out pic #3. Do you think that the hubby was having a nice lunch when wifey came parading in with the photographer? Or do you think the photog said "You know what will look great? The two of you at the table having lunch...but only one of you eating!" I'm leaning toward the former because he looks slightly miffed that his PB&J got ruined by the intrusion.

Uman76 said...

“hey honey, put your hipster glasses on and eat this PB&J. BTW, I am pregnant!”


really catches the moment!