Saturday, June 11, 2011

channeling my inner jonathan adler.

if you managed to miss the hot groupon deal for carter kustera custom portraits, well, you really blew the pooch, folks. these suckers (in a slightly larger size) retail on mah boo jonathan adler's site for $750, but for a limited-ish time, mr. kustera was cranking them out for $700 less. not sure about you people, but if JA signs off on something, i'm pretty much sold, so i ordered up the steve-and-ginger special (which turned out better than my wildest dreams). these hand-painted silhouettes also bear your choice of tag line, so with audrey and raina's approval, i went with

STEVE: possibly suffering from canine tourette syndrome.
GINGER: likes to lick people in the tonsils.
i need to get them framed but couldn't wait to share how awesome they are. raina and audrey, i would LOVE to see how yours turned out, unless your daughter (rcox) or sydney lynn (the burlesque-dancing cat) are too private to share. here are some others that i also find HIGH-larious.


Raina Cox said...

I contacted Kustera a week ago wondering where mine was, and he said it would still be three or four weeks. So my Father's Day gift is shot - poops.

I wasn't able to come up with something clever, so I went with sentimental. (Yours are brilliant by the way.)

I'm having Pea's silhouette done in the same green as your Steve's.

kristina said...

Raina-giant BOOOO that it won't be ready in time! Did you not tell him that you're kind of a big deal? I don't remember how long mine took but they were certainly worth the wait. I would have loved a sentimental quote, but unfortunately, both of our dogs are giant assholes (as evidenced but their captions).

kristina said...

By. BY their captions. Sheesh.