Saturday, June 4, 2011

sneak peek: eames lounger.

more proof that i am actually a functioning designer and don't just play one on the internet: yesterday i installed a small living room project for a young client. her dad had given her his old, super dilapidated eames lounge chair and ottoman that people were actually afraid to sit in. we had some missing pieces and a broken base to deal with, plus there was no hope of salvaging the existing leather, so it took a little effort just to convince the client that the chair could be salvaged. and it could. boom goes the dynamite: kelly wearstler's katana fabric in dove. damn you, wearstler, for your rad-tastic patterns. it looks incredible in person, so sorry for the super terrible iphone pic (but i'm just doing my part to ensure that professional photographers get the respect they deserve). there is also a terrifying 'before' shot that i should post... so stay tuned whilst i scrummage that up. i think it's at the office. you might recognize this guy and his friend from west elm. ottoman is custom and covered in a schumacher print.

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