Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 rewind.

it was the best of years, it was the worst of years. just kidding, it was kind of the worst, which you know because i said so all the time and had to take like six breaks from blogging to deal with my life. JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING, it totally wasn't all bad. 2011 may have been kind of a kick in the balls, but while i was compiling these photos (spoiler alert: THERE ARE A LOT), i realized that for every downturn, we also had some tremendously awesome things happen that were not people dying / people moving away / friends assholes turning out to be assholes / people getting divorces. not only did sugarbears and i have the best honeymoon ever, brad and i practically circumnavigated the globe with all of our travels. i played on a softball team called the dumpster babies and was on tv (not for the softball but looking equally foolish, trust me) and was in a magazine and also made like nine really amazing dinners for sugarbear. just kidding, it was like ten dinners. we went to some killer concerts, like arcade fire and the avett brothers and wilco and some other ones i don't recall right now. brad read all FIVE of the game of thrones books people. all five. in 2011. someone get him a book-it button and a sack of personal pan pizzas already, forcryingoutloud. a-train johnson moved her happy ass back to texas where she belongs dot com, and then she and i got to reprise the roommate years for a few months. i completed and installed a record number of interiors projects, and actually made a tiny bit of progress here in this house where we live. b-rad's baby sister got engaged to an awesome guy that everyone loves, and as a bonus, he sells wine for a living. i think i actually made some new friends this year, and one of those new friends showed me how to illegally download the entire second season of downton abbey, which doesn't even air stateside until later this month. (ps, if you are watching that show, you understand how great a 2011 accomplishment this is and why it's on the milestones list, even though it did cause some sort of virus situation on brad's laptop. WORTH. IT.). also i beat cally one time at words with friends, and it was like by over a hundred points. so let's look on the bright side and call 2011 a wash, okay? because it really wasn't so bad and 2012 is going to kick ass, even though the world is totally going to end. in the meantime, enjoy these photos. they are mostly for me, except for where i snuck in a really hilarious one of you.
happy new year 2011, from me, audrey, and the black last supper.
ceylon et cie.
w hotel with the utes, prior to ghostbar dance-off.
cat hats on dogs.
park city during sundance.
faux fur, real dog.
space city trivia with this san antonio b.
it's a muthafucking wedding dance off.

sugarbear. redstone. texas. lizzards.

park city pow.
hey girl.
that's totally a wig, bitch.
i bought 60 boxes, i think, which pretty much makes me the world's best aunt?
duh, winning.
gallery wall up n hrrre.
grumpa, dogs.
the good ship makai.
captain, first mate, gunner.
boat dogs, on the lookout for pirates.
gilhooley's. zomggggg.
finders keepers.
toby keith aka kaidren.
molly, dad and wallace.
fancy boat dinner.
south france.
hey audrey, remember how i got off the plane from france, took a shower and then we went to this concert and i was cracked out and jetlagged, but regina had hoop ribbons so it was cool?
nyc pre-install.
the view is pretty gross. just kidding.
the furnishings are also pretty gross. also kidding.
bitchin kitchen.
angela comes to visit, gets introduced to firefly sweet teas.
in kansas, in a permanent temporary outhouse, with my uncle, sitting on a pink toilet, holding a kitten.
fields of kansas via 4-wheeler.
i nabbed that texas one in college.
four of five looking at the camera ain't bad.
hair feathers-also worn 5-year olds and dogs.
why yes, those ARE hot pink sweat pant capri pants.
eames: the remix.
kaleb, me and moms.
jeeeeiiiill, me, pool, nola.
just another monday night in emergency care after sustaining severe cat-food can injuries.
baseball game.
dollhouse-now a project for 2012, as i did not finish.
record-size sectional.
also record-size tv.
round top road trip.
worshiping at the altar of breakfast tacos.
happy halloween.
oh what a feeling, we got inlaid wood wallpaper on the ceiling.
it's custom, bitch.
molly and her pops.
mom/luxe/sunday dinner.
gas station.
wallace and dad.
sunglasses inspired by road trips.
rda gala.
morocco, baby.
gobble gobble.
the mil, the b, the moh.
for rent.
it's beginning to look a lot like a non-denominational sweater party.
the hardest puzzle on the planet.


Brad said...

I'm very well known in parts of Douglas county.

kristina said...

also in portions of houston. thanks for the snappy snaps, boo.

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I just found your blog & it made my day. #1. Are these pics of your house?! Unbelievable. I drooled a bit. #2. Downtown Abbey = yes x a million. I just started it this week. After the first awkward Thomas the servant make out sesh, I made it to episode 2.

kristina said...

Hey Molly! Thanks for the kind words, but most of those photos are from interior design projects I completed this year. I WISH they were my house!! Don't be fazed by Thomas--you will LOVE Downton!

Thanks for stopping by my bee-log!