Monday, June 18, 2012

the monday mash: call me maybe.

like everyone else on the planet, carly rae jepsen's jam has infiltrated my life, but this mash-up is something new and something wondrous. i feel like, when i die and my life flashes before my eyes, this mash will be the accompanying soundtrack. i haven't felt this invigorated since i saw that movie The Power of One in the 8th grade, or possibly since the first time a boy i liked told me that i was beautiful* (but i chalk that up partially to the fact that we were at a chili's sharing a skillet queso... that shit is pure magic in a cast iron package).

listen to it, download and share HERE: CALL ME MR. BURGANDY

*for the record, it was micah beck, sophomore year of college, approximately three minutes before he lost interest and went out with some girl named bevin.
*also for the record, this is probably the best use of a rusted root song since pure, unadulterated rusted root. same for skee-lo, same for fun., same for C-Ray Jeps.
*lastly for the record, you can (and i do) thank nick nelson for this and probably any other rad tunes i have to share. way to keep me feeling at least six years younger than i actually am, nick.
i feel like blog posts without pictures are super lame, so here i am with my brother brad (on the right) and his/our friend nick at the beginning of our segway tour of chicago, which remains to this day on of the funnest and funniest things i have ever done in my life. actually, go ahead and put their entire trip to chicago on that list. it was the the bomb dot com and should probably be it's own blog post or series. october 2005.

since i've veered considerably off course, this is probably a great time to share a video (from conan, sent to me by my brother brad) of jack mcbrayer and triumph the insult comic dog, at chicago late night spot, the weiner's circle, a special eatery of which was also part of 'brad and nick's killer trip to chi, 2005'.

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