Wednesday, June 20, 2012

put an armadillo on it.

my amazing mother-in-law, who understands that i'm a total weirdo, surprised me with the CUTEST present ever: a kate spade armadillo coin purse. please note that hims tail is the zipper pull.

while we are on the subject, b-radical and i saw this in the houston airport terminal before our flight to nyc (and 3-hour delay!), and the logistics of getting it home safely was the only thing that kept us from making a serious investment. we may or may not have had some pre-flight cocktails.


Design Junkie said...

hahaha! love armadillos! such a sweet gift.

Brad said...

"hims" made me LOL.

Liara said...

Love it! Totally getting it! Got the neon bag too.The next time you see me you're gonna be like, "will you please stop biting my style!";)

kristina said...

oh girl. i'm BEYOND thrilled to hear you got the neon bag! my 'dillo purse needs a buddy too-DID YOU SEE THE ARMADILLO EARRINGS? you can bite up on my style anytime, liara!!