Friday, August 10, 2012

totally inspired: jamie meares on the glitter guide.

did y'all see jamie meares of furbish on the glitter guide? GAH. i am a confessed meares stalker (in the good way) and i love love her style. girl is BALLSY and her store is fab. it's a great read and i always love seeing how the people i admire really live, so this image-heavy article was a rill treat. there are about eleventeen things from her lovely home that i want to DIYASAP, so here goes. also i learned how to put text on photos? but don't have time to work out the kinks? (just putting that graphic design degree to as minimal a use as possible, ok?)

i feel like this is a great opportunity to hop on this needlepoint pillow i've been wanting, HARD. does anyone know where i can hire a needlepointer? it only comes in a kit.

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