Monday, February 2, 2015


what the what? it may or may not have been approximately one entire year since i blogged; is that important?


all that is important is that this morning, i put my college degree (a bachelorette's degree in fine arts with an emphasis in graphic de-zines, y'all) to good use when i made this here fancy graphic:
the occasion? build direct has selected me as one of The 15 Best Interior Designers in Houston. trust that i am every bit as surprised as you are and extremely flattered.

also, lest you think i am getting too big for my britches, here is one of houston's top designers, as photographed this morning without help from a team for hair and makeup team, nor the fine photography and retouching efforts of my usual portrait-taker (julie soefer, people).

i will admit that i had to go track down some red lipstick so you'd recognize me and hopefully not focus too much on how cool my costco spectacles are. also, let's just call this my signature pose from now on.


Amber Morgan said...

I love Hunt Slonem but I love your blog post more! Congrats you are the best!! Must get me some of those bunnies!

Raina Cox said...

YAY, you!!

kristina said...

amber - welcome to the world's most inconsistent blog ever. plan on seeing those bunnies again at #yeoldeshanty soon!

kristina said...

to the ever fabulous raina - yay YOU! now that i'm out from under my rock, i see you are blogging again too? so much reading to do!!