Wednesday, November 18, 2009

cb2 holiday wreath.

i have to admit, this is pretty cute. granted, the folks at cb2 are hitting the holiday crack pipe a little hard if they think i'm going to purchase 81 of their ornaments at $4.95 each... but i'm sure everyone knows of a good dollar store or target bin to hit up. or maybe some of you hoarders shopped the sales last year and stocked up on ornaments. either way, the holidays are here, so deck the halls and pass the eggnog (and by 'eggnog', i of course mean 'bourbon'.). instructions for making the wreath are below, and i'll be on the lookout for a solid 'nog recipe.

CB2 Holiday Wreath

1. Strong stiff wire that can be bent into a ring. We used aluminum wire gauge 20, about 55” long–due to the scale of the products in the shot, our wreath was rather large, about 28″ in diameter. A wire hanger is also a simple way to go.

2. Ornaments. We used a total of 81 ornaments. For a smaller version, we’re guessing you could make a 14” wreath with about a third of the ornaments depending on how full you wanted it.

3. Strong tape to fasten the ends of the wire ring together or, pliers to twist the ends of the wire ring together.

4. Ribbon to hang the wreath.
1. String one ornament at a time onto the wire ring, alternating colors, using smaller ones to fill in the gaps.

2. When the ring is completely covered in ornaments, fasten the ends together.

3. Use a ribbon to cover the spot where the ends are fastened together, and hang!

Tip: best not to go too large in diameter as the wreath could become too heavy and stretch out.

(full post available here.)

i don't know about the rest o' y'all, but i'm headed to my friendly neighborhood christmas wholesaler asap. those of you in the houston area (that own businesses and have valid tax id's) can feel free to poach one of my best sources for the good shit:


110015 s. sam houston pkwy west

houston, tx 77031

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Cally said...

I want to do this!!! I was just telling Jason that I wanted to make a wreath because all the ones I see are fugly and spensive.