Wednesday, November 11, 2009

common law.

so in case i hadn't mentioned it, i'm getting married next october. we've been engaged for 6 months already, and i'm totally sold on the year-and-a-half planning time. we have minimized our stress levels and have been selecting the things we want, not just what's available on short notice. also, i may or may not have a high propensity for 'zilla behavior, so we wanted put that off as long as possible. however, we learned pretty quickly that we would save a ton of dough if we were both on the same insurance policies. i'm talking upwards of $500 a month in savings, which could be re-appropriated into my online shopping fund. the kicker was that brad and i had to have a 'legal union' in order to consolidate our policies. how do you solve a problem like that? COMMON LAW MARRIAGE, people. it's not just for hillbillies anymore. in texas, to file for common law marriage, all you have to do is

1. cohabitate and
2. make people think you are married. as in, don't correct them when they refer to you as husband and wife.

in other words, it is DIFFICULT to be common law married. you might even be common law married right now, if you haven't been careful. you don't even have to file paperwork, unless, like us, you want to reap the sweet benefits of married-folk insurance. and by paperwork, i am of course referring to the pages and pages of legal documentation requested by our insurance company, sent via fax. it was EXTREMELY detailed and official. see for yourself:as you can see, i did not even have to sign it. that would be silly, for both of us to have a signature on a document of that caliber. for the record, for over $500 a month, we are husband and wife.

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