Friday, November 13, 2009

hells no.

oh, design*sponge. it's not hard to love you. you keep me on my toes with all of your interior design sneak peeks, and i were into cooking, your gourmet features would be highly entertaining. you review books, know the coolest artists, and grace bonney's wedding was just a do-it-yourself stunner... but i saw this today, and i am going to have to get out my wooden ruler for some old-fashioned wrist-slapping. did this not get a second pair of eyes prior to hitting the PUBLISH button?i know the appeal of a diy project is that ANYONE is able to make it, but this limp little chandelier-of-many-colors is a bit of a stretch for me, coming from the design*sponge. seriously. did someone go out last night and get loco on some soco eggnog shooters (it happens to all of us.) and then decide to make the macaroni-necklace version of a chandelier? you do of course realize, since you are design*sponge, that real chandeliers cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, so a knock-off should appear to have cost at least $4. i suppose i could stop being such a ho-bag (fat chance), because 'kate' does mention that this is great project for children (ooooobviously) and could also be created while watching a movie (with the lights turned off). to her credit, kate also mentions that this would possibly be good if all the beads were spray painted the same color (NOW WE'RE TALKING). believe it or not, i actually feel a bit inspired, but listen up, kate, because i'm specifically talking to you when i say: HOME DECOR ITEMS MADE WITH CHILDREN BELONG ON THE REFRIGERATOR, and then in the trash. period.

my version, aside from being about a million times larger, will resemble one of these bitches:(arteriors carsten)

(arteriors maxim)

(arteriors louis)

arteriors, you pricey bitch, i could eat your light fixtures for breakfast, lunch and dinner. and while we're at it, oly studio, you could be dessert. (oly studio isa)

(oly studio jenny)

in summation, kate, you are better than this. i know, because i made your walnut charms last week and they are adorable.

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