Friday, December 4, 2009

french fries and other delights.

i'm on a bit of a french kick (not to be confused with my life-long obsession with mcdonald's french fries).
other than really liking those new ysl parisienne ads (and the perfume), this current motivation is probably courtesy of a cup of jo, since she was blasting from or about france for a good part of fall (here and here and here). however it started, i've been jonesing of late (le jonesing, that is) for striped shirts,johnny depp-ish glasses, opaque tights of any color, and i've been wearing my hair like this all week. it's way easier than you think, so try it if you are le lazy or le running short on time (guilty of both).except i don't have bangs, which make me look like an idiot. pretty sure the secret to amazing bangs is to be zooey deschanel.

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