Wednesday, December 2, 2009

patting myself on the back. or, another one bites the dust.

lest you all think i'm a person who starts projects and never finishes them (i am), i thought you might like to see the finished ornament wreath that i was so gung-ho about here.
my color choice stemmed from availability of ornaments, plus i wanted to leave this up for new year's and wanted something a tad more DISCO. brad has named it the kwanzaa wreath, which of course means he'll be getting coal in his stocking. i should point out that it was very chilly last night, and RAINING, when i took these photos of our front door. so suck it, annie leibovitz. looks like you're not the only dedicated photographer after all.
(those spots in the photo are raindrops, picking up the flash). i should also point out that it took approximately seventeen trillion ornaments to make this wreath, and it still turned out a little bare in places, which is why i decided to use a SERIOUS bow. but my hoop was 20" in diameter, which i thought comparable to other wreaths i've made. i bought 80 normal-sized ornaments, and a box of 50 'assorted' small ornaments, and I USED THEM ALL. i did get the ornaments on pre-christmas clearance, and i already had the hoop and ribbon, so this still cost about half the usual wreath price. it was also pretty fast, so if you want to make one (cally, i'm talking to you), get yourself a truckload of ornaments. i feel like i should have taken more step-by-step photos of the process, but i didn't. sue me. i'm sure i never thought i'd finish it in the first place.

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