Friday, January 29, 2010

project runway: PING.

i did myself a favor and watched the first three episodes of the new PROJECT RUNWAY last night. this is easily the best show on television, ever, because you get to watch the likes of ever-pregnant heidi klum and gems such as TIM GUNN (best manners ever, extensive vocabulary) and MICHAEL KORS (who could be a comedian if he ever gets tired of being a rich fashion designer)(and who i have already professed an undying love for, here). in addition to these stars, you have the contestants, a group comprised of extremely talented people and/or extremely crazy people (most of the time, they're both). the contestants duke it out over fashion (and by "fashion," i of course mean "making a cocktail dress out of potato sacks"). at least half of the contestants are completely deluded about their (lack of) talent, and this delusional type of crazy is definitely my favorite. take jesus, for instance, who said something like, 'as you can see, my SPECIALTY is eveningwear...' right before he got told that eveningwear was indeed, NOT his specialty, and then michael kors rattles off something about his model looking like a barefoot appalachian lil' abner barbie. however, this season's SHINING STAR is clearly PING, who was unfortunately booted last night. why they booted her, i don't know. they've kept less talented clowns on there for much longer for purposes of good tv, and trust me, PING equals good tv. PING is nuts. i could have watched three hours of PING-only footage, and still been happy. here's a small smattering of PING, but it really doesn't completely show how bonkers she is:
"you can wear it on the beach or inside the house, and it's very functional; it can also scrub the rest of the body." sure PING. loofah footwear is exactly what we need. that and more skirts that feature the ass-flap.

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LOVE Project Runway!!! I'm not sure about this season's contestants yet though. No one's really standing out for me. I actually really liked Ping's style the best so far - her execution did need some work though (like the ass-flap dress)! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hopw you're having a good weekend.