Friday, January 29, 2010

well played, ann taylor.

i cracked out of my jeans slump today* by wearing THE MOST FLATTERING DRESS EVER, courtesy of ann taylor. yeah, i said flattering and ann taylor: no longer your source for frumpy power suits, ever since some gal named lisa took over, completely revamped the lineup and hired heidi klum for the ad campaign. if you missed all the chit-chat about ann taylor's stylish rebranding, or if you didn't read the article where AT's stock had jumped something like 90%, i'm here to tell you that the new looks are totally working for me, in a banana republic kind of way (and who doesn't love banana?). in addition to being extremely forgiving to my recent mcdonald's french fry habit, my new dress is pretty effing cute, gives the impression that i've got a fergalicious apple-bottom booty (i don't) and looks AMAZING belted. one of the sales girls was wearing this dress when i last stopped by AT, and i nearly ripped it off her body in an effort to have my own (abby, you're a doll and thanks for not getting creeped out).
below are a few more things i wanted to pick up, and more photos of MUST-HAVE OUTFITS can be seen here. stay tuned for the blog post when i detail the massive amounts of delicious ann taylor jewelry i got for the wedding...
*only because i was having lunch with cally at a very fine dining establishment called MR. FU'S.

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