Monday, February 1, 2010

interior design: amy lau.

i was first turned on to amy lau when i saw this photo:
to quote audrey: who the h-e-double-hockey-stick is amy lau, and how do i get my greedy little paws on that AMAZING over-the-top dress/dog scarf ensemble? EGADS, indeed. i mean, i've always thought it would be great to coordinate my outfit with steve and/or ginger, but i never dreamed of putting them in oversized chiffon.

as it turns out, amy lau is a pretty talented interior designer (to put it mildly), and i'm specifically digging her nature-meets-modern style. it probably doesn't hurt that homegirl used to work with thomas o'brien, who is generally brilliant and can do no wrong. if you go to amy's website, make sure to drool-proof your keyboard. ps-i don't know what the lining in the bad-A wall bar cabinet is, but i would like 97 yards of it, STAT.
{photos via amy lau design}

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iheartkiwi said...

okay so i think the last comment i left may not have worked... but basically i was raving about how rad that built in bar is! can i have one please? these are some seriously beautiful spaces!

it takes some guts to pull off coordinating dog scarves but she seems to do it well! kudos!