Friday, April 9, 2010

tech support: youtube science.

everyone's favorite internet prodigy (b-rad) informed me recently that i have not formatted any of my youtube videos (and let's face it: my laziness and recent crackhead work schedule have forced me to post A LOT of youtube) to fit on my blog. meaning that the width of my blog is less wide than most of (all of) the youtube videos that i post. audrey, did i lose you yet? what i'm trying to say is BLOGGING IS COMPLICATED. and just when i thought i had it figured out, brad saunters in and cracks an egg of Computers Knowledge on my head. seriously, someone give him a boy scout badge or blue ribbon already. anyway, if you are also a blogger dealing with this issue, you can just change the width and height of your youtube/vimeo/home video/feedburner/rss feed (internet words!) in the html area. i'm sure there's a more scientific way to do it, but if you read this blog, i'm guessing you are not necessarily into discovering a more scientific way... so you can just monkey around with the height and width until you find something that suits you. my particular combo happens to be Width 400, Height 300. i went back and reformatted all the way to the die antwoord video. which you should probably re-watch.

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