Sunday, May 30, 2010

blast from the past: the treehouse.

this is kind of a hybrid blast from the past, and it isn't friday, but before i launch into bruce weber's new ad campaign, you should see where he got the idea:this is the only photo i have of our treehouse, which must have been taken mid-construction, as there are three hammers in this photo (yours truly on the left). you can also see brandie's underpants, a common occurrence in early wilson photos. anyway, if we had any 'after' photos, they would look a whole lot like bruce weber's TREEHOUSE ad campaign for janus et cie's dedon, aptly named 'coming home'. i've been seeing the ads everywhere, and they never fail to remind me of being behind the barn in our treehouse on a warm summer day, reading a book and hiding from my mom. i don't recall any ballerinas being in attendance, but there were mulberries to pick from nearby trees, and the occasional sheep (in lieu of donkeys-a shame, seeing how donkeys make everything more hilarious). other than that (and the fact that there were no sexy, half-naked grown-ups running around), bruce weber is pretty much ripping off my childhood, in a fantastic, magical way. i have not shown the picture that has the two grandparents making out on the sofa, but you can look into that for yourself here. if you have time, watch the video. that treehouse that bruce built is dreamy.

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Kiki said...

Love this post - I am so going to feature this on my blog!!!! I saw this darn ad in the Elle and loved it!! Was thinking of a way to incorporate it in my blog and then I saw your post!!!