Monday, May 31, 2010

water for elephants.

one of my favorite reads as an adult, if not my VERY favorite book, is water for elephants by sara gruen. it's hard to describe a story that i love so much without sounding like a literary crackhead, but here goes. set in the great depression, water for elephants is a historical novel about an educated fella who, in the midst of some serious personal turmoil, joins a traveling circus. he finds himself, finds love, gets his life on track, et all while being witness to some pretty freaky circus stuff. easily the most descriptive, detailed book i've ever read, i felt as if i were there, in the sun and on the train, and i simply hated for the story to end. did i already mention that IT. IS. AMAZING. i love historical fiction, especially a book researched as well as this one, and i love stories about love overcoming impossible odds, and i have never read ANYTHING about the circus, which was fascinating. also, i learned a lot about prohibition and the terrible things that alcoholics resorted to doing. there is simply nothing else like this book, so seriously, quit fucking around and go read this book already (and thus concludes my literary crackhead review). as if that weren't enough, i have known for awhile (because i am a crazy water for elephants stalker)(not a rob pattinson stalker) that the book is currently being made into a movie, starring reese witherspoon, rob pattinson and christoph waltz, who just won an oscar. the movie comes out sometime next year, and i couldn't be more excited. OBVIOUSLY. making matters worse, filming just began a few days ago and us weekly ran images of the new and improved rpattz hairstyle... so i am officially a huge nerd and will probably wear a water for elephants t-shirt if i can find one.

despite my inability to reel it in a tad, i hope you will read the book. you can buy it here but please let me know if you'd like to borrow my copy. additionally, please look forward to some complete WFE nerding out on this here blog. xo-kw


audrey 'business suit' johnson said...

AGREED. I think, however, if someone wants to borrow your book, they'll need to get it from me. And I'm pretty sure I offered to let someone borrow it the other day. Paying it forward, Kdub.

kristina said...

oh, not to worry, sweat pant. i have purchased another copy and just re-read it for the tenth time. i also gave away a few copies prior to sending that one over the sea with you. please continue paying it forward and i will continue my one-man book promotion tour.