Wednesday, May 26, 2010

put a ring on it: single fellas edition.

as i'm sure you're all aware (due to the alert that you got on your palm pilot this morning), it's been a year since b-rad and i rode our bicycles into the sunset and decided to get hitched. certain people might feel we are dragging this out a bit much, but i prefer to think we are marinating in the magic of common law marriage. SAVOR IT. as today is our engagement anniversary, i thought i would share the other (slightly less exciting but equally important) half of this couple's jewelry: the wedding band for b-rad.

at first i kicked around the idea of a big fat rose gold band, since my bands (top and bottom) are going to be rose gold, but sugarbear was all OH HELLS NO to that idea, so i found this sweet option from bario-neal that manages to sneak in some rose gold. (ring on the right was more like my original plan, btw, except times four on the width) and then we took a trip to las vegas (BARF), which resulted in some serious time at the david yurman counter. did you guys know that david yurman's son evan (professionally trained as a blacksmith, of all things. oh, the lives of rich people...) recently started a kick-ass line of men's jewelry? it's tough to find-slash-purchase anywhere, which, had i known while we were in vegas, would have swayed me to buy something, probably for m'self AND for b-rad, because it. is. awesome. anyway, brad and i seriously considered a few non-traditional evan yurman options. i mean, a frickin' stallion ring? MANLY. rhino skin texture? RUGGED. and the scarab, which is amazing, was also available in BLACK ONYX, but i can't find a photo of it anywhere. ultimately, after hopping off the yurman crazy train, i decided on a custom band from etsy vendor, TITANIUM KNIGHTS, because a) i like to support the online craft community and b) i happen to love most of the TK rings. PS, ladies, titanium bands are like, 50 cents. meaning $80-$200 each, which is insane. fancy shoes that you buy on the SNEAK are more than that. it's almost as if the guy is supposed to lose his ring a few times. anyway, here are some of the titanium knights rings i considered before settling on a custom, 9mm wide version of the last photo. plus i got it engraved, but that will remain a wedding secret.

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audrey 'business suit' johnson said...

Guess what? TPJ's ring is both a Yurman AND made of titanium.

I'm feeling pretty good about all of those options. I think I need the scarab ring. Maybe that could be my new wedding ring, seeing as how I'm f'ing ALLERGIC to my other ones.