Wednesday, May 26, 2010

music to hop on.

i have been trying desperately to figure out a way to embed music in my blog (AHEM, B-RAD) but for now, here are youtube versions of some things i think you should hear immediately. ps-these songs are not new, and i'm aware.

miike snow:: animal. he'll be at acl, kids, and i think it's high time we all started getting more familiar with the delightful line-up. besides, this is the best use i've seen yet of the anthropologie savannah giraffe.

peter, bjorn and john:: amsterdam. bonus points for reminding me of something i saw as a child on pbs.

ra ra riot: can you tell. ICYDK, ra ra riot's wes miles is also in a band called discovery, the other half of which is made of my favorite vampire weekend member, rostam batmanglij.

my teenage stride:: to live and die in the airport lounge. every time it comes up on pandora, guess who gets really happy? ME.

the get up kids: close to me. it's a cure cover, so feel free to cut yourself.

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