Sunday, November 7, 2010

always a bridesmaid.

who's done re-hashing my wedding? not me. spoiler alert: these next 46 blog posts will probably be about my wedding. starting with m'ladies-in-waiting. my bridesmaids outfits were pretty. effing. awesome. it didn't hurt that my b-maidz are all knockouts to start out with... but their striped dresses were B-O-M-B. i mentioned at one point that i was on the hunt for striped dresses, but i don't know if i ever got around to following up with some inspiration shots, which are here:{images 1-4: louis vuitton (leighton meester!), image 4: no idea, image 6: dace, image 7: urban outfitters, image 8: no idea, image 9: j. crew, image 10: jessica stam in her undies}

i never found exactly what i was looking for, so we had these made by jenny kim here in houston. i should mention that going this route is not less expensive than, say, buying your dresses from anthropologie, but i don't think the cost was unreasonable. to keep the bridesmaids' costs lower and to keep myself from feeling like a total jerk, i paid for the fabric and the belts. on the other hand, part of the construction costs were inflated by the fact that i wanted them to be striped, and not solid or a pattern, because sewing stripes is more difficult due to matching the stripes perfectly at the seams. i also let the girls choose how they wanted their dresses to be cut (mainly the top area) but in the end, they all had them made the same way. and did i mention how pretty my friends are?? stunning. sadly, male readers of WWNC, they is all up and married (or about to be).along with my mom's entire outfit, most of the clothes i wore during the wedding weekend, my day-of jewelry and audrey's day-of jewelry, belts were from ann taylor. specifically, the collar studded belt by ann taylor. if they are out of 'em at your local AT, i highly recommend the practically identical exotic collar studded belt. or anything that is being sold at ann taylor. i love that store. le meow.

{photos of our wedding by stella alesi photography; dresses (bride and bridesmaids) by jenny kim couture}

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