Saturday, November 6, 2010

here comes the bride.

for those of you who did not get a good look during the 12-minute ceremony prior to me joining the all-night dance party (previously detailed here), this is an online diary entry regarding my wedding ensemble. my plan was always to rock an extremely simple dress and in contrast, get loco with the jewelry. so here's the dress inspiration. please note the pockets. my actual dress had some, and those pockets were the best thing, ever. i had a compact, a lipstick, a lip gloss, bobby pins and my handkerchief all up in there, all night.
naturally, it didn't suit me to just go buy this dress. for starters, that would be too easy. also, jcrew SOLD OUT of the genevieve silk radzimir gown a long time ago. third (and mainly), i've got a healthy bosom, and as all ladylike gentlewomen with manners (such as myself) know, surplus cleavage and side boob is inappropriate (not that my actual dress did much to hide my milkers. those two were Out And A-bout All Night, if you know what i mean, or if you have eyes. so sorry about that.). here is my actual dress:as a general rule, i like go overboard on accessories. it's my classy kansas upbringing, no doubt. the recent trend of Jewelry Overload is right up my alley, so the accessories line-up included two necklaces, three bracelets and some tiny stud earrings, all from the magical wonderland called ANN TAYLOR. i like that the color of this particular stone is the shade called GRAPEFRUIT, since that's pretty much all i ate during the months of september and october 2010. i also wore a tiny, vintage watch that my sister gave me. (two of the stone bracelet, above)
KICKS: my shoes were the first thing i purchased. i love them. FRYE is one of my favorite shoemakers (cobblers?) and i wish i could get these in every single color. i realize that heels make your legs look super and all, but for our outdoor wedding, heels weren't really an option due to walking in grass and my clumsiness. plus, flats are comfy and excellent for dancing the night away. and they are even better in real life:{actual wedding photos by stella alesi photography}

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