Sunday, February 20, 2011

jealousy on my nails.

i'm not done talking about texas nail polish yet, people. i had nails and toes painted in Don't Mess With O.P.I. yesterday, and it is FIERCE. someone told me my hands look 'so money' and that person was correct. i haven't stared at my hands this much since b-rad put a ring on it and i am now obsessed with this rad green shade. look for a jade-inspired post soon (or not-i don't get around to doing most of the things i say i will) and JUST LOOK AT THESE NAILS!!!


Alcira Molina-Ali said...

That green is totally ballin' -- have been coveting that rad hue much lately.
And thanks for the man repellent intro -- she's great and I'm hooked ;)
Cheers, Alcira

kristina said...

thanks alcira! i would have replied sooner but i've been totally tied up with staring at my hands all day. you simply must procure an emerald mani soon. dare i say it has been life-changing? I DARE.