Saturday, February 12, 2011

do you think i'm tex-y?

yesterday wednesday when i went to visit vy (the most talented nail tech in houston), i nearly fell out of my cowboy boots to learn that opi's latest introduction of nail polishes is the TEXAS collection. as always, i'm tardy to this party, but i've long been a fan of opi products and clever color names in general. this assemblage truly goes above and beyond (aka deep in the heart of color? wonk wonk). to live in a place so remarkable that it has it's very own nail polish homage makes me quite proud. naturally i went with the houston-centric hue, because i am nothing if not fiercely loyal to space city, but some quick investigating revealed that aaaaallllll the way across this giant world in singapore, at the same time, audrey was getting coated with the shade devoted to galveston. the palette is fantastic, but the over-the-top photo shoot with a fiery redhead is also pretty rad. i'm not sure who the model is, but add her to my list of strawberry tressed stunners.
for a detailed listing of the entertaining colors, see below. seriously, i heart texas. and the masterminds over at opi, so it would seem.
Don’t Mess With OPI – lean, mean kick-grass green
Suzi Loves Cowboys – rich campfire chocolate
San Tan-tonio – the perfect honey tan
Austin-tatious Turquoise – bodacious blue green
It’s Totally Fort Worth It – shimmering lavender grey
I Vant To Be A-Lone Star – starry silver-blue
Do You Think I’m Tex-y – a ‘berry’ sexy shade
Houston We Have A Purple – galactic violet
Too Hot Pink to Hold ‘Em – a hot pink winning hand
Y’all Come Back Ya Hear? – Texan tangerine
Big Hair… Big Nails – rosy blush
Guy Meets Gal-veston – “engaging” coral


Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Hell's yeah and yee-to-the-haw!

These are totally smashing!
I find the green a most intriguing new hue -- must investigate further.
Meanwhile, are the OPI names not the dorkiest monikers ever?


kristina said...

hey alcira-
i think most of the opi names are a stretch, but if nothing else, they are easy to remember? i wore 'i'm with brad' when i got married... to brad. i can't wait to try the top row of non-floral texas hues. i think austin-tatious is next for me! or the green. spring is right around the corner, after all!