Saturday, February 12, 2011

a very talented wildcat.

jeff rogers is a graphic designer and illustrator, and just so happens to have been an acu wildcat university classmate of mine*. he's always been extremely talented (which is why i pretend that we were/are super best friends, instead of people with lots of classes together that kind of stayed in touch thanks to the facebook) and his recent paintings for the ace hotel are getting a ton of (much deserved) attention and praise. jeff uses a great deal of typography and letterforms in his work, which i'm very drawn to (pun fully intended) and i have spent the better part of my saturday morning rifling through every bit of his website, which you should check out. jeff said he's got plans to open an etsy shop at some point (the sooner, the better, dude. hustle.) so if i catch wind of that, i'll post the news right here. you know, because millions of people read this blog and i am very cutting edge and on the pulse of everything that happens news-wise.
jeff's website here.
*there are a ton of talented people that were part of the graphic design program while i was in college, like jeff. or these guys. or this guy, to name a few. not everyone turned out to be a graphic designer, but i was surrounded by incredible creative minds and immeasurable talent. i like to think that someday, the bauhaus movement of abilene will have better recognition.


mike said...

If only we were as awesome or as cool as you! Fake mustaches at your wedding?! Come on. Awesome.

The Beitlers

kristina said...

aw, thanks guys! especially considering one of you has a FOR REALS moustache. if i every get around to finishing it, you will really enjoy my wedding moustache tutorial. spoiler alert: it is really, really easy.