Monday, February 14, 2011

love on the walls.

when b-rad and i traveled the mexican interior a few years ago, i was quite taken with a magical pair of portraiture, which i presumed to be the mexican proprietary couple who were responsible for the lovely resort we were visiting (which was mayaland in chichen itza). unfortunately, i have only this one photo. i love how the husband is throwing a look, like, BITCH PLEASE. later, while trolling around desire to inspire, i found these lovebirds, cementing my intrigue with the solemnity of their affections (and frames). a little haphazard googling turned up this nytimes article, which tells a romantic tale of long-separated portrait pairs, reunited at last. i'm sad to have missed the show's installation, and crestfallen to know that when all was said and done, the twain were again divided to their respective galleries. i adore this apparent marital custom, engaged upon mainly by aristocracy, the yanks and the aged. i wonder what i'll wear in 40 years when the sugar bear and i schedule our brace of happy valentine's to all the twosomes out there, and what art has joined, please never separate. unless there is a nasty divorce and he runs off with the sexretary or something, in which case i okay a split.
{mayaland lovers photo by yours truly; image two via desire to inspire; Martha and George Washington, painted in 1798 by James Sharples of Britain; Mrs. and Mr. Buckler via Letitia's Art Studio; Henry Ehle and Anna Bellinger of Chittenango, New York, via Maine Antique Digest.}

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