Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the swankiest office ever.

well, maybe not ever, but i mos def want to go to here. were this my place of professional residence, little actual work would get done. instead, i would wear a crisp white shirt with a pencil skirt and pretty much waste the entire day working on my pose game for imaginary cameras (because that is all i can do when there is a gigantor mirror in the room). despite containing my current color obsessions, this pretend study has a most healthy dose of gold, nailheads and lucite, which - let's face it - should be considered colors. what color do i want my walls to be? nailheads. or lucite, if the color store is out of nailheads. make it happen. lastly, who do i have to sleep with around here to get one of those jonathan adler hans tables already? meeeee-ooooow.

{amy morris for atlanta homes and lifestyles showcase home 2010 **but way before that, i got a preview over at the nero chronicles. so fascinated was i with the gold toad that i forgot everything else.}

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