Saturday, March 26, 2011

steve buscemi wilson luebe.

if you read this blog, you're probably aware that i am the (co)owner of a tiny dog named steve, aka 'teve, stever, TEEEEEEEEEEVE, teve-dogg and b-rad's faves, TURD and TURD DOG. this week has been rough in general-maybe i will write a seperate post about that later, and maybe i will not-but to make matters worse, steve has been being a real asshole. steve barks all the time, not like a constant bark, but more like a crop dust tooting-style random bark as he travels through the house. we used to joke that he had canine tourette's, but that has turned out to be real. steve is terrified of EVERYTHING, including the water bowl (which is sad yet hilarious when we aren't worrying about his hydration levels), our three gigantic cats, who routinely trap him on the stairs, any sudden movements, his canine life jacket, sweaters, any dog clothes at all, bath time, nail-clipping time, ruby the gentle giant german shepherd and the list goes on. steve also has some freakish aversion to sitting his ass on non-carpeted or rug floors, which results in a fake squat that vaguely resembles sitting when he wants a treat and is on the hardwood floors. LE SIGH. i know that posts about steve are really not my norm, but sometimes steve goes on a real barking tear and this look comes across sugarbear's face and i get really stressed out that steve is going to get murdered, so before he falls victim to the kansas cat strangler, i wanted to vent and post some pictures of steve.

because he really is the cutest dog ever, despite being such a turd, and jonathan adler posts dog pictures all the time SO I WILL TOO. steve's sister ginger is also cute, but her claims to fame are fierce loyalty, deep-seated leash aggression and an affinity for licking you not just in the mouth, but so deep in your oral cavity that your tonsils get tasted.


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My favorite pic is of Obi-wan Turd.

My Plural Self said...

I love this post! Hilarious and the pictures are amazing!