Friday, April 8, 2011

things i like: patterns on the floor.

someday, sugarbear and i will build a fancy new home with a classy grown-ups foyer, which will feature some sick sick patterned tile floors and tricked out pedro friedeberg appendage furniture. or maybe not. but i do feel like, for a gal that sees the gamut of available flooring options and constantly changes her mind, i've been in love with patterned floors for quite a while. remember these? or these? or these? boom. just look at all that consistency. the first patterned floors i ever saw were from the chamberlain hotel in west hollywood. i still have the magazine clipping on my inspiration board at work, and it is YEARS old. good news: i still love it.
i thought of it immediately when i saw those wearstler floors in lonny.
at the officina, we have a pretty fantastic residential project in the works, and these are some of the images i've pulled for inspiration. sort of a more rustic, traditional take on sessy patterned floors, but still.
ANYWAY, did y'all hear we are expanding our office? it is a hot noisy jackhammering construction mess, and will be done soon, but here is what i got to see yesterday. it should be even more complete today, as they are installing the tile at night, but... MEEEEE-OOOOOW.
that's a trifecta of awesome featuring thassos white marble, hulien jade marble, and absolute black granite, and runs from the back entrance (which will become the main entrance? kind of?) all the way down the hall. i can't wait to see how it turns out in the morning.

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