Friday, May 6, 2011

kyle bunting april idea book.

Y'ALL. some day i will own a goose that lays golden eggs, and step one of goose-egg harvesting will be to parlay those nuggets into kyle bunting rugs. we have one in a client's home and stealing it has crossed my mind a lot. just kidding (not really). aside from previously sharing my KB obsession, i've been really into quilts lately (which i meant to blog about it and didn't-raise your hand if you're surprised)-not mammaw type quilts, which i do love, but the really contemporary quilts that have been popping up lately? you know those ones? with the fabrics and the threads? (NOTE TO SELF: MAYBE WRITE THAT QUILT POST AFTER ALL). anyway, kyle bunting kind of reminds me of that, except his magnum opus is pieced together with dyed cowhides. can i get a yee-haw up in hrrrr? you guys should really sign up for the kyle bunting monthly emails. the featured rugs are always pretty fierce, like this guy, named mr. crowley, plus you can learn about new, cutting-edge hide products, like hide wallpaper. LE MOO, on your walls.

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