Sunday, September 11, 2011

lonny: september and october 2011.

part of being back to blogging means commenting on the latest lonny, right? and racing to do it really fast so it looks like you were the first one to say what we were all thinking? if you beat me to it, YOU WIN. i struggled very hard to cut this post to under 40 pictures, because this issue was insane. a serious load of animal print (and salmon-colored grasscloth, and dark walls, and butterflies, and things with skirts on them) were there for the taking in this issue. so here goes. i love those chelsea textiles grashoppa lamps just as much as i did when they were in elle decor a few months ago, but these new colors are awesome. thanks for making them easier to purchase.
not to sound like a greedy furniture hoarder or anything, but please buy me one of these acrylic and driftwood stools, STAT. they are only $6 G's apiece people and i can put it next to my grasshoppa! i do not care if this shit goes together or not.
speaking of things that do not necessarily go together, dear lonny, please provide more information on how people from jonesboro, arkansas (where i TOTALLY LIVED for 2 years) are moving to nyc and hiring celerie kemble and having stuffed peacocks in their house and shit. also, is that blue console door panel BROKEN? nevermind, i love the skirted console and dark walls, so it's cool. my house is full of busted things also, so looks like we have TWO things in common, duckworths. maybe i will stop by some time and we can talk about how much we loved getting a drink at the 501 Club (since it was the only restaurant in that dry county with a liquor license) and then i will steal your hickory chair nightstands.

turquoise shoe shelves and papered walls? le yum. i'm probably going to attempt a closet re-model like this (maybe just in my dreams) at my house. barg-chanel quilted purses.
this house was great. way to go, blair and alastair. your cute rhyming names give no indication to the giant balls it must have taken to splatter paint those delicious herringbone floors. i've recently been in the mood for an old-timey wall clock so this is my cue to go out and get one, i suppose. it would look awesome next to a neon-lit PLEASURE sign, so if you know where i can get one of those, let me know. also, i may or not have a fireplace, but that less-than-practical lucite fire screen? i will take three. good grief it's awesome.

but lisa sherry's high point house might have been my fave. more dark walls. more animal. more skirted console (spoiler alert: that skirty biznass is about to happen for reals around casa wilson-luebe). a chartreuse-y door. lots of of oly furniture. the tiniest tv on the planet (seriously, wtf?). a statue wearing a fez. LIKEY.

lastly, this pink sofa is not kidding around. i'd like to shake the hand of whoever talked the husband into that, maybe press you to share your secrets.

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