Saturday, September 10, 2011

people i admire: beck.

dear beck, you are a badass and i heart you big time. pitchfork has a great article out right now on one of my most favorite musicians ever, BECK. whether i was cool or not in high school, i was smart enough to purchase mellow gold and odelay (thanks, 12 for the price of one BMG Music Club). do y'all remember seeing beck perform at the grammys in... 1997 i guess? TWO TURN TABLES AND A MICROPHONE. bottles and cans and just clap your hands and just clap your haaaaannnnndddssss. and then he effing won*. it kind of changed my life.

fast forward to now, and he's doing things like beck's record club, which incidently, produced the impetus for audrey's vocal performance at my wedding. (sidenote--thanks again for doing that, audrey. 'need you tonight' by audrey and the strings is probably going to be everyone's favorite part in the movie about my life, you know.)
*and fiona apple was the presenter? YOU TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT HER, RIGHT?

{photos via the article, taken by Autumn de Wilde.}

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