Wednesday, November 16, 2011

all your gold pig banks are belong to us.

sugarbear and i went to the rice design alliance's annual gala this year, which was lovely. a massive crowd was in black tie attendance and general decor was impressive. there was a silent auction AND an open bar (aka RECIPE FOR DISASTER), so naturally, we came home with this guy. i've long been a fan of harry allen's line for areaware, which is kooky and cool, but generally more than my sober self is allowed to spend on things like ANIMAL BANK. i would like to mention that lonny just featured his turquoise brother, which we didn't even know about when we entered into a bidding war, which i offer up as further evidence that we are both edgy and trendsetting, as well as benevolent. so here he is, in all his fine, swine-y glory.... some terrific, radiant, humble thig-a-majig of a pig. while wilbur is the traditional choice for names, i have tentatively named him frankly.

you know, as in, frankly we might be idiots. frankly, we may have been overserved and frankly there are no dollars OR coins left in the coffers to feed this pig in his hungry coin-hole. frankly we wish we had a gold metallic time machine where we could go back and humbly yield to the next bidder. instead, we have a 10"x18" (which is enormous, people) pig bank on our shelf. so oink oink beyotches.

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