Monday, November 7, 2011

blogiversary, dollhouse, downton, gosling.

oh snap. i totally missed this blog's second birthday. more importantly, can you believe it's november already? like, almost mid-november? sorry blog. sorry also to anyone who is a blog reader, especially one particular gentleman who politely mentioned YOUR BLOG SUCKS LATELY (michael, i can always count on you to keep it real). but time is a-flying over here and i'm struggling to keep up.

for starters, the weather has been lovely, so there has been some motivation not to sit in front of this wretched machine. two, we had an anniversary to celebrate and then there was halloween, so i lost several days. three, i'm devoting practically all of my free time to building and furnishing a damn dollhouse. i think i speak for everyone participating in the i'm a giant challenge when i say that it's a ton of fun, but what a time suck. another giant portion of time has been poured into "borrowing" from the internet the entire second season of DOWNTON ABBEY. which is the best television program in the world, but it is british and doesn't air in stateside until january, on pbs masterpiece. so certain measures must be taken if you are a true fan, is all i am saying. if you hustle, or if you play outside the rules and live dangerously on the interwebs like i do, you can catch up on season one and watch all of season two, the finale of which i'll be watching tonight. there is also a christmas special. ALSO (and this is kind of a recent development), do y'all even know how many ryan gosling movies are out right now? do you even know? blue valentine. crazy stupid love. drive. the ides of march. and lars and the real girl is pretty much running on a loop if you have the premium movie channels, plus ryan gosling is IN THE CITY OF AUSTIN right now, per a special report from WWNC austin correspondent jill, so i can hardly concentrate. should i go to work today, or should i drive to austin instead? btw, i'm really sorry sugarbear. you know i don't even LIKE blonde dudes, so this comes as a surprise to both of us.

so i will post some images later, hopefully of the dollhouse but probably of ryan gosling. until then, i leave you with possibly the best tumblr of all time, ryan gosling vs. puppy.


emily @ go haus go said...

So glad to find another Downton Abbey fan! I just watched the Season 2 finale last night and OMG. Yes, I'm in the states so certain measures had to be taken to get ahold of season 2.:)

Also, the dollhouse thing is a HUGE time suck! Wowee! It's a bit labor and money intensive but it is fun once I buckle down and start working.

kristina said...

downton is the absolute best. it's pretty much porn for anglophiles, as best as i can tell. if i were able to dollhouse and downton at the same time, it would be fab, but i have to FOCUS when i watch that show. so excited to see how your DHouzz is coming along!!


Michael said...

This blog post is eloquent, eccentric and exquisite at the same time….well done.

kristina said...

well shit, michael. i was going for elegant.