Sunday, November 27, 2011

rubbing elbows: celerie, newell, charlotte, suzanne.

so i still don't exactly know why or how, but houston had a pretty flossome november, design-wise. first of all, celerie kemble was in town on her book tour, signing autographs and just generally being adorable, so robyn and i went to that and got to meet her. sadly, i am unable to locate the photo of celerie + kdubs, but trust when i say that i looked super fierce. JUST KIDDING. but one of her handlers DID tell me that i had 'killer platinum' and i only had to ask him twice what he meant, and he was talking about my hair. celerie's adorable dress is by dallas native lela rose, if you need one, btw. it bears mentioning that robyn and i (plus everyone at my office, at my INSISTENCE) want very much to be as like cel-K as possible, so we have all taken vegatable names. i'm leeks luebe and robyn is cabbage patterson. do you have a vegetable name? you can't use aubergine, because that's obviously the prettiest-sounding vegetable that ever was.
by the way, celerie kemble thinks architectural digest is for assholes. just kidding! she totally took it back.

then the very next day, the decorative center houston hosted house beautiful's design institute, and i got to meet NEWELL TURNER, editor of house beautiful. the discussion also featured suzanne kasler and charlotte moss, and i thought it was pretty special. charlotte moss is a starchy gal and said that she not only loves chintz (so does newelly), she comes from the school of more is more, which made me want to stand up and do the arsenio because I TOTALLY GET IT, CHARLOTTE, i do. i love shit everywhere also, girl! clutter my liiiiiiiife.

we got to the lee jofa/suzanne kasler book signing early, but planned to hang out there because IT'S LEE JOFA and what's not to love, but in walks suzyK, and the next thing i know, she's giving robyn, jennifer and moi a tour of her new fabric collection for lee jofa, which had just been released. SPOILER ALERT: it is awesome.

FOR YOUR PLEASURE ALONE, i am posting all of these photos, even though in some of them i look normal and then in others i look like i may or may not have slept in my car. PS, thanks for the giant triple EFF ma-maw boobs to both of my grandmothers. i may as well just start buying all of my clothes at effing chico's, and from now on, if anyone asks what my personal style is, it's MATRON CHIC.

i was totally resisting the urge to hug him THE ENTIRE TIME.


oh, did you think that was it? IT IS NOT, because the week of awesome continued on the very next evening when i managed to invite myself along get invited to the grand opening of restoration hardware's new monster flagship store in highland village. but i am kinda blogged out so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

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