Tuesday, November 29, 2011

that time lykke li played at restoration hardware.

totally the set list.
so i mentioned yesterday that i'd gone to the opening night party at the spankin' new highland village restoration hardware flagship. i did not, however, mention that LYKKE LI WAS THERE, because i wanted to save that nugget for today. lykke effing li, via sweden, via my ears, and i couldn't believe it. you know, because when you think of quality belgian linens and suede pillows, you think of edgy, swedish music. also not believable was that lykke li had no business in houston (or texas) whatsoever, so those restoration hardware codgers imported LL and company from oakland, california, and then had them play just SIX SONGS and then they left immediately for a  show in denver the next night. which explains why RH sofas go for six zillion dollars... because they are flying cutting-edge it-bands around the globe. but on the upside, i got to go to a lykke li concert, in houston, fo' free y'all, and i will estimate that i was one of about 30 people who knew what was going on. thankfully this guy was there shooting video the whole time. i like how you can see the large topiary ball in the first video.

OH, AND THE NEW RESTORATION HARDWARE STORE OPENED. i totally forgot about that. it is cool, and it is huge. there was a birdcage on the third floor with actual birds in it, and then there are also huge birdcages with chandeliers inside, so they are prepared to address several of your birdcage needs. the outdoor area was lovely and had great views, but honestly, that place is just huge. i haven't been back since the party, but i suspect they brought more merchandise out post-party as there were not that many things actually for sale there, but here are some images.
i was waiting for monica pope to hop in the tub, but no dice.

birdcage chandies.

i really like the weird birdcage shadows.

suede macramé pillow, $700. just kidding. $129.

those ropes are like 3" in diameter, for scale.



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