Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the day after cyber monday.

it's internet hangover tuesday, y'all! or at least that's what i'm calling it. in an effort to get on board with cyber monday, i pretty much live-tweeted the second half of sister act 2: back in the habit... and aaaaaaaaalllll i got was internet crickets. this has prompted me to wonder what is wrong with all of you? where is your holiday cheer? they were singing songs about JESUS, people, so don't act like you didn't see and love that movie, okay? i also want to point out that if you are one of those people who doesn't "do twitter," you are missing out on a real tweeting goldmine, such as this (and you have to go to the bottom and read up, that's how twitter works):
PS-it's totally not too late to get on board and follow me on twitter, just like BabySignLanguage, who started following me last night circa that tweet about lauryn hill and sign language, so they OBVIOUSLY understand that my tweets are not only super awesome, but integral to the education of your baby or small child. le duh. (BabySignLanguage, if you followed me in a hurry like wes anderson did, and then rapidly unfollow me, also just like wes anderson did, i am going to be super disappointed. as for you, wes anderson, you are still not forgiven.)

and just in case you took too much nyquil or had a broken tv set or something last night and missed this cinematic masterpiece ON ACCIDENT, i'll cut to the big climax scene:

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