Friday, January 13, 2012

important new emoticons.

i heart mcsweeney's big time and most of their articles give me an extended case of the giggles. like decorative gourd season? i've been laughing about that shit for months. i also happen to love emoticons, so this list has naturally been a real big hit with my eyeballz. i like it so much that this is just a straight copy-paste job, but you can see the real mcsweeney's article here.

; i   -kristina

I M P O R T A N T   N E W   E M O T I C O N S.

BY Mira Ptacin and Seth Fried

+: ) Ash Wednesday
+; )  Flirty Ash Wednesday
: F  Bored snake
[>: (  Fire bad
[I: I  Ice neither good nor bad; me ambivalent
,:" I  Attacked by cat
:% I  Lowering glasses to see if you’re serious
;% )  Lowering glasses to see if you’re feeling what I’m feeling 
:>>q  Accidentally spraying self in eye with mace
O0o  No one in my family has any response to what you just said
< : #  Hitler birthday party
< ; #  Flirty Hitler birthday party
X;<)  Flirty triceratops
X,<)  Flirty triceratops cyclops
P  Soup ladle
; P  Flirty soup ladle
}: I  Wolverine
{: I  Frida Kahlo
@: I  Combover
:o)  Bear missing ears
:^ u  Abject horror
;^ u  Flirty abject horror
: i  Cold sore
; i  Flirty cold sore

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