Monday, June 4, 2012

a house in the hollywood hills.

part of my extremely glamorous jet-setting crackhead lifestyle is that on occasion, i get to bang out a project outside the houston city limits, so a recent job in los angeles was quite a pleasure, despite the traffic (citizens of LA-HOWDOYOUGETANYWHEREZOMG). our client's home is located in the hollywood hills and the location (directly above the chateau marmont!!) and views are a-to the may-ZING. travels to the home during pre-installation yielded stays in dreamy digs and we did almost meet kelly wearstler during one LA rendezvous. delicious umami burgers, dealing with the seller's realtor (aka the stepson of joan collins - KASS BAH!) and neighborly run-ins with celebs living next door (jeff goldblum!) kept things surreal. despite all the pleasure that got mixed into this biznass, we did eventually convert a stunning 1920's spanish home into an airy, relaxing getaway. check it out dot com:


Brad said...

i wanna know if that barrel-table in the second pic is something that you found in the trash and spray-painted white. #wouldntputitpastyou #stilllooksfancy

Crayolalyn said...

B-rad, that table was esspensive, but in retrospect, probs could've been a spray painted whiskey barrel for way, way cheaper. #haterstotheleft #sadbuttrue

kristina said...

wait, where can i get a whiskey barrel? also cray, this is my brother brad, not to be confused with sugarbear b-rad husband brad.