Wednesday, August 22, 2012

vaya con dios.

although i wasn't born in texas, i did my best to get here as fast as i could, and since the tender age of eighteen have been making a special place in my corazón for all things texan, which includes a no longer surprising amount of mexican influence. of late, my love for things south of the border has transitioned into loco and become a feverish obsession, and this isn't just counting my two chihuahua dog friends (STEVE!). maybe it has to do with the current neon and color gravitation in my life, but i died (and continue to die) over nick olsen's mexican blanket covered chair (which, yes, i know is super old news) and somehow refrained from buying this pair of cactus lamps. this summer, it's been all i could do to not purchase a mara hoffman otomi bathing suit, but when i saw valentina gonzalez wohlers' cactus chairs, the floodgates opened. so here is a post for you on spicy mexican flavor, even though it is not cinco de mayo. arribba, beyonches!

whether it be otomi, sarape, rebozo, faja or huipil, a little goes a long way, but consider these items when adding some pequeña mexicana to your life.

{chairs, multi floor lamp, one piece bathing suit, pillow, blanket, shorts, pouf, black dress, pendant, boots, white dress, yellow pillow, bikini, sofa, dresser (which could be a super easy ikea hack), white floor lamp}


Raina Cox said...

THANK YOU for using the correct textile names.

Every time I read "Mexican suzani" when someone means "otomi," I want to poke my eyes out with a cactus spine.

kristina said...

dearest raina-

thanks for the internet pat on the back, although i'm sure my correct usage was a happy accident. case in point: my brilliant native texan husband pointed out that it is 'vaya con dios', not vayos. womp womp.

i hope all is well in denver!

CACHANILLA73 said...

Love love the Otomi lamps!