Thursday, August 23, 2012

furniture problem, aka needlepoint problem.

so yesterday, we got one of those 'we tried to deliver a package but you weren't here so now you have to drive out to bumblefuck to pick it up your damn self' notes on our door. you know those notes-the peach ones? that don't tell you what the package is? and in his knight in shining armor-ly way, sugarbears was like, I'LL GO GET IT TOMORROW!! because he genuinely loves getting the mail more than any person i've ever known, and he is super nice, and doesn't mind going all the way over to the post office, which again, is inconveniently located at the corner of WHERE THE FUCK and RAPEY STREET. b-rad is really the best.

then SB calls me, and he was all, did you order knitting needles or something? and with me, you never really know what kind of wine-induced late night etsy shopping might yield, so it wasn't until later that i found out it WAS MY NEEDLEPOINT KIT. which you may or may not remember from this post. as a refresher, it will someday look like this:

but for now, it just looks like this.

womp womp.

i was super tempted to purchase it already needlepointed, however, the fabric map thingy was $60 and the FIBERS (don't you dare call them yarns, rookie) were an extra $25, plus i had to ship it here from florida, which is where the higher quality needlepoint kits come from these days, so i've already got $92.50 invested in this bad boy. any guesses on how much extra it costs to have someone stitch it on up for you? anyone? anyone? FOUR HUNDRED AMERICAN DOLLARS, that's how much. i mean, that is what i THINK the lady said, but i couldn't really hear her over the sounds of las vegas slot machines going off in my head, thinking about all the money i could be making while sitting on my couch covered in fibers if i were a professional needlepointer.

so y'all pray for me, because if there's anything i'm good at, it is not finishing a project. case in point.

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