Sunday, August 26, 2012

bookcation and boatcation.

“being rich is not about how much money you have or how many homes you own; it’s the freedom to buy any book you want without looking at the price and wondering if you can afford it.”

―john waters

we recently got back from a tremendously fun boatcation (which is old news if you're following me on instagram or twitter), and as with any 'cations of any sort, i did m'self proud in the reading department. fully immersing myself in reading for four straight days was MAGICAL. i have recently been reading in spurts on my iphone or the kindle, but for this trip, i went straight old school with tactile books purchased at the airport.

gone girl-gillian flynn: holy crap ballz; just read it right meow. i promise there is no weird kinky sex going on like the last book everyone on the planet recommended.

a hologram for the king-dave eggers: probably the most beautiful book cover i have ever seen; the story is not bad and really takes you away to a place that-heavens forbid-i'll never have to go.

sense of an ending-julian barnes: highly recommended by b-rad and his dad; probably better reading if you are a dude or an older dude, or don't naturally gravitate to books of the twilight variety, but it was enjoyable and really makes you think about not being mean to anyone ever.

as for the boatcation part (aka TEXAS FOREVER, part one), we flew to corpus christi to meet sugarbear's parents, who had taken their boat to port aransas previously in the week. i'd never actually seen any of the texas gulf coast (especially from the water), and it was amazing, partly untouched by civilization and also full of aquatic super structures, like enormous boats and bridges. daytime bay fishing and max relaxing at night was the only thing on the agenda before heading back to space city, which was a 15-hour trip by boat over the course of two days. to accurately describe the experience, my feelings would best be expressed by reciting the lyrics of any jimmy buffet song, and that is not just because b-rad's dad is a committed land shark drinker and tommy bahama wearer. you really do nibble on sponge cake and look for lost salt shakers and drink boozy blender concoctions all day, while you marinate in the salty ocean air and let the troubles of reality melt away. it's like fancy hillbilly camping at sea and i highly recommend it to anyone who's not afraid of a little skin cancer.
so many dinghy jokes.


did i mention it was a three-boat caravan? here's the whole crew.

sugarbear would totally be smiling more in this photo HAD HIS FRONT TOOF NOT FALLEN OUT.

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