Monday, August 27, 2012

personal projects: modern and contemporary.

if you're new-ish to this blog, please know that when i'm not buying junk at thrift stores or hoarding craft projects at my house or writing posts that say FUCK FUCK BALLS FUCK Y'ALL*, i have a full-time career as a legitimate interior designer and on occasion, i get to prove those claims with actual photos. it doesn't happen that often, but we just had quite a few homes photographed, which i'll post weekly until i run out, either of pictures or energy; STAY TUNED.

it's fun for me to share these projects, because as i've mentioned, my own personal style is MORE IS MORE / PACKRAT CHIC / HOT ASS MESS OF CLUTTER, and this house, as are most of the homes i design, is not that. not at all, not even kind of. i'm a fucking design chameleon, y'all!

this home is across the street from memorial park and you might recall preview shots from this post way back when aka 2011. it is probably the most contemporary residential project i've worked on in houston, and has stunning views of the surrounding area. our client had purchased a modern home that was beautiful, yet in dire need of some serious updates, so after heavy remodeling, palettes of marble tiles and slabs, wood veneer wallpaper, tom dixon pendant lights and truckloads of entirely new furnishings, this happened. the clean lines of the minimal furnishings really let the gorgeous architecture stand out. exterior photos to follow (hopefully).

*sorry mom, for all the swearing, that occurs 100% of the time when i am not in kansas.


Raina Cox said...

Sweet baby Jesus on hot buttered toast.

That's some AMAZING work, my friend.

P.S. Will your clients rent it out for a girls' weekend?

kristina said...

oh raina, thanks. you are a peach.

there are two pools and several levels of outdoor living areas, all potentially calling me to nanny-ism.