Monday, September 10, 2012

personal projects: solange's neighbor.

recently i hit you with the earth-shattering news that a good friend of mine lives in the same loft building as THE solange knowles (but solange be movin', y'all); however, i failed to mention that she (not solange) and i became friends while i was designing her home (which was really the cherry on top because i love making new friends, girl).

it's tough not to envy my friend's loft. for starters, the balcony views of houston's skyline are stunning. lofts in general are a fairly rare type of space in houston and this also doubles as her photography studio (uh, super hip). in addition to having a great sense of style, she shares my love of wallpaper and was open to some pretty crazy concepts. speaking of walls, we had loads and loads of stunning images from her portfolio to hang, as well as her fancy collection of photography from colleagues and mentors. she's into vintage, which is uncommon amongst my clients, so we even got to go on some flea marketing adventures. it. was. a. blast. and the best part is, i get to hang out there whenever i want.


Brad said...

it appears that -- in addition to putting a bird on it -- they also may have put a ceramic quail on it.

kristina said...

Correct- put a cockatoo on it!


kristina said...

Wait-I meant INcorrect.


Anonymous said...

"Please let me sleep in your bed. I'll water the plants.."

Amzing work Kristina!