Thursday, September 6, 2012

the search continues: a dining room story.

the least cool part about being a designer is that your own house goes untouched for large swaths of time whilst you crank out interior after interior for your fancy clientele. as a general rule, i've found most designers are hesitant to even let people come into their homes because the expectations are so high. or is that just me? rill quick, please, would some designers back me up on this? because i hate to think i'm the only one living in squalor with this problem.

a hundred million years ago, i pitched (and sugarbears hated) this idea. and as a married woman completely dedicated to compromise and peace on earth, OF COURSE i offered to search for something else! that we both love! that is in our budget! and it only took two years to agree on new chairs, so see? PROGRESS AND HARMONY. these puppies are backordered until the Seventh of Never, but i think we'll wait for them anyway.

here be the table, in some very amazing iphone photos:

so the end result, when said chairs eventually arrive, will be something like this, sans the wallpaper and the hutch and the crystal chandelier and the wainscot and the parquet floor, so PRACTICALLY IDENTICAL. cross your fingers for me, y'all.


Brad said...

your "seventh of never" gets me every time.

Raina Cox said...

I'm right there with you, Sister. I have four rooms "done" and wish I could corral guests in those areas only. But since the family room and kitchen aren't included in that group, this rarely works.