Tuesday, September 4, 2012

when it rains, it pours: a PR story.

Y'ALL. after what seems like ages and ages of working my spindle-y fingers to the fingerbones, two articles have come out in less than a week featuring my interior design projects. for a little farm girl from vinland, kansas, i feel RILL FANCY DOT COM. (backslash: your mom.)

actually, the articles, both extremely well-written, are super humbling in a way i could never imagine, because they are open for comments. i had forgotten there are commenters who are just. not. nice., but that is okay, jerks! it was very eye-opening to read some of the feedback, some of which was mean; some of which very constructive and helpful and some of which was kind, thoughtful and defensive of this very hard profession. thank you, kind people like jan moyer, for getting how hard it really is to do this job.

so here are those articles, girl. read 'em and weep.

Houston designers head for the Hollywood Hills to freshen up 1920s home

Playful Luxury Infuses a 1929 Houston House

and because i am fan of keeping it real and because i do not like posts without pictures, here are some photos of me sitting on a pink toilet in a temporary outhouse in kansas with my uncle larry, wearing sequins and holding a feral kitten. uncle larry constructed the outhouse on his farm for his 30th wedding anniversary party (SHOUT OUT TO AUNT LADONNA), and that thing had hand sanitizer and running water flushes from a garden hose, making it the fanciest non-fancy thing ever. my aunt and uncle also figured out a way to make a soda machine serve rum and cokes. they are amazing.

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