Thursday, November 1, 2012

big news if you like magazines.

HEY GIRL HEY. so as i mentioned yesterday, i've got big news to share, but sugarbears and his giant brain of wisdom insist i wait AT LEAST until tomorrow to crack that egg of knowledge over your heads. sometimes he's such a party pooper just looking out for my best interests, y'all! check back tomorrow, i suppose (and then every single day after that).

instead i'll share some other big news: i've got a project in this month's houston magazine! you can pick up a copy starting today, or check out the preview online HERE.
it's a screen cap, yo.
it's a moroccan house i've shared before and you also may have seen before and after shots on (my hero) raina's blog, if the lampshade fits. i'll try to round up a BnA m'self at some point, but know that this house makes me insanely happy. not only was the home a complete transformation from start to finish, i gained a friend in the process and am delighted liara participated in the article (thank you times a million, snap snap). the photos (and i think there will be many more in the magazine?) are amazing-the work of incredibly talented photographer julie soefer (another great friend!) who makes what i do look so much better. i'm so excited houston decided to run the story and can't wait to get my meathooks on like 400 copies. 

OH BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. the 2012 ASID design awards were a few weeks ago and my firm walked away with four, one of which was best in show (which is kind of a huge deal, but mainly makes me laugh because of that christopher guest dog show movie). for those of you not privy to the wonders of interior design, these awards are kind of like the daytime emmys (i was going to say the oscars, but NO. they are nothing like that.) houston design resources (the magazine providing coverage of the event) put one of our projects on the cover, too. BOOM. it was a pretty big night, and i got to wear my sequin dress from gay paree, so win-win (win-win-win). here are some amazing iphone pictures to help you visualize the evening's splendor.
the laura u team. (carolyn wins best pose.)

that girl throwing shade in the top left was actually smiling most of the night and very pretty.


Carolyn said...

BEST POSE IN SHOW ::drops mic and runs::

Raina Cox said...

You're AWESOME in at least 14 different ways.

And ASID thinks so, too.

(And thanks for the link love, Babe!)